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I built a fairy gar­den for my seven-year-old grand­daugh­ter Han­nah be­hind a row of canna lilies. This area has a cam­phor tree and a dog­wood backed by an olearia hedge and some sprawl­ing ram­bling roses. The fairy houses are placed around the base of the cam­phor tree and are made with small logs of fire­wood, bark roofs, painted doors and win­dows, with some placed up in the branches. Other houses around the trunk are made with up­turned, brightly painted ter­ra­cotta pots. Fur­ther down the path we planned a gnome vil­lage un­der the dog­wood tree, again with up­turned pots, and a gob­lin’s hide­out in a gnarly old stump at the end of the path.

With our fairy gar­den glit­ter­ing with one might call “over­done bling”, I then con­cen­trated on my true love, the plants. The minia­ture plants in­clude Iris retic­u­lata, daf­fodils, grape hy­acinths, di­anthus, pra­tia, Gera­nium ‘Ber­tie Crûg’, ame­ria, thyme, vi­o­lets, cam­pan­ula, cy­cla­men, Se­dum maki­noi ‘Ogon’, alyssum, chamomile, Fed­er­a­tion daisies and nepeta. These plants would nor­mally be lost in our large ram­bling gar­den and now there is a place for these many lit­tle trea­sures to thrive. Jenny Druzianic, GREYTOWN

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