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I might be an ex­tro­verted plant snob but that doesn’t mean I can’t recog­nise my gar­den’s quiet achiev­ers. In spring, my shady wood­land ar­eas are thickly car­peted with self-sown an­nual for­get-me-nots ( Myoso­tis­syl­vat­ica) while their taller Chi­nese rel­a­tive,

Cynoglos­sumam­a­bile, seeds freely un­der my fruit trees. I wouldn’t be with­out ei­ther, and I never will be, as their sticky seed heads cling to my sleeves and trousers (not to men­tion our dog). If you like the dainty flow­ers of for­get-me-nots but fancy a bit more oomph, mass plant Brun­nera

macro­phylla ’Jack Frost’, which has sil­ver fo­liage with very strik­ing veins.

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