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• ‘Fat­nut‘ & ‘All-in-one‘ are now con­sid­ered to be the same. Vig­or­ous up­right growth, good health. Crops when young, husk self-sep­a­rates, high yield, medium shell, good flavour. Early flow­er­ing can be af­fected by frost.

• ‘403‘ Spread­ing form, good health. Crops when young. Late flow­er­ing.

• ‘Gar­den Prince‘ Dec­o­ra­tive with dense fo­liage that hangs into win­ter. Self-fer­tile but not a great pro­ducer.

• ‘CY750‘ Healthy and free of gum­mo­sis. Paper­shell. Low yield.

• ‘Fabrin‘ Vig­or­ous grower. Crops con­sis­tently once ma­ture.

• ‘Mono­vale‘ The pol­li­na­tor. Good, strong-flavoured nuts in thick shell. Good, con­sis­tent yields.

• ‘McCartney R3‘ Good crops of qual­ity golden ker­nels, some dou­bles. Small and sweet with medium shell. Best at­tribute is husks fall, leav­ing the nut on the tree.

• ‘McCartney R6‘ Good crops of qual­ity golden ker­nels. Small, fat and sweet with medium to hard shell. Looks great in shell and out, cracks well. • ‘IXL‘, ‘Bur­bank‘ & ‘Non­pareil‘ per­formed poorly and have been re­moved from the trial.

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