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You will need: • 1 old tyre • 9mm sisal rope (amount re­quired will vary with tyre size – I needed 5 x 15m packs) • 6mm ply for top and base • Op­tional feet: 20mm tim­ber or sim­i­lar cut into 4 squares, 65mm x 65mm pieces • Suit­able glue and small brush • A few fine gauge nails (to help hold the rope in place while the glue dries) • Jig­saw • Screw­driver & 8g x 50mm screws • Sand­pa­per • Tape mea­sure and pen­cil • Stain and paint­brush (I used Re­sene Woods­man Wood)

Cost: $95 ex­clud­ing tyre and paint

1 Find a suit­able (free) old tyre. I got mine from a lo­cal tyre shop. One with flat-ish sides is great, but not crit­i­cal. Clean thor­oughly and al­low to dry.

2 Work out the size of the ply top re­quired. It should fit so that the rope work re­mains flush over the top edge of the tyre. Mark the cir­cle onto the ply­wood and cut out. Sand well. For the base and feet, cut a sec­ond larger ply cir­cle. Cut the feet.

3 Paint the wooden pieces. I used Re­sene Water­bourne Woods­man stain in Sky­wa­ter. Al­low to dry. At­tach the top cir­cle with screws through the ply and into the tyre. Mark the cen­tre of the cir­cle. Glue and screw the feet to the base and at­tach this to the un­der­side of the tyre.

4 Fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions care­fully, ap­ply glue as di­rected, and, start­ing in the cen­tre, form a tight cir­cle around the end of the rope and work out­wards keep­ing the rope tidy and firm against the pre­vi­ous row. Work in stages. Clamp and use nails, if re­quired, to hold the rope in place and al­low to dry be­fore con­tin­u­ing.

5 Turn the tyre up­side down to as­sist in com­plet­ing the base. Work the rope in tightly against the edge of the base board. Trim the rope on an an­gle and en­sure it is glued into place. Al­low to dry.

6 Once glue is com­pletely dry, paint with your cho­sen colour of stain, work­ing it into the sisal with the brush. Al­low to dry.

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