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Although Jules and Pete didn’t have a dog when they es­tab­lished Wash­bar, they are now the de­voted own­ers of a ‘pure­bred stir-fry from that very ex­pen­sive pet shop, the SPCA.’ The gor­geous Mon­day is pos­si­bly a mas­tiff/boxer/hunt­away cross and iron­i­cally suf­fers from ter­ri­ble al­ler­gies, which pro­vided Jules with plenty of in­spi­ra­tion to de­velop her new range of Itch Soothe prod­ucts.

“She was re­ally bad with her al­ler­gies last year – ba­si­cally her back went bald,” says Jude. “I’d had her tested and I know that she is al­ler­gic to dust mites and dan­de­lion pollen. Un­for­tu­nately we live on 40 acres of dan­de­lion. The vet wanted me to put her on steroids, but I was to­tally against fill­ing her with chem­i­cals and short­en­ing her life. So I went away and started look­ing for the per­fect in­gre­di­ents.” Jules came up with an itch soothe spray and sham­poo, which were dif­fer­ent from any­thing else on the mar­ket, made from a blend of plant ex­tracts with high lev­els of bio-ac­tives. They in­clude quercetin (a nat­u­ral an­ti­his­tamine), vi­ta­min C (a nat­u­ral healer) and anet­hole (a nat­u­ral pain re­lief), com­bined with es­sen­tial oils to help calm itchy skin and stop the ex­ces­sive scratch­ing and lick­ing.

Jules con­ducted field tri­als in 2015, where dog own­ers were asked to rate their dogs’ itch­i­ness on a scale from one (not that itchy) to five (itches like mad). Af­ter us­ing the spray on their dogs for two weeks, the ma­jor­ity of own­ers re­ported that their dogs went from a four or five down to a zero or one. Hap­pily, the prod­ucts also worked like a charm on Jules and Pete’s beloved Mon­day.

“Our girl had aw­ful ele­phant skin on the backs of her legs, patches where she’d ru­ined the skin, and the vet told me that it would never heal,” says Jules. “I washed her twice a week with the sham­poo and in two months the ele­phant skin had gone and her hair was grow­ing back thicker than be­fore.

“I had peo­ple come back and say I had saved their life. You think it’s a bit dra­matic, but you’ve got to re­mem­ber it doesn’t just im­pact on your dog’s life, but it im­pacts on your life as well; it’s a tough place to be when your dog is scratch­ing them­selves to pieces.”

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