Am a non-horsey Mum with three daugh­ters (aged 7-12) who are ex­tremely pas­sion­ate about horses. As we don’t have horses our­selves, they get their vi­car­i­ous horse x through NZ Horse & Pony, and PONIES! mag­a­zines. We used to bor­row NZ Horse & Pony from our

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Amanda Ma­son wrote in ask­ing for help with her horse paw­ing and kick­ing out while trav­el­ling, in your Jan­uary is­sue (Ask the Ex­perts). I’d like to help and tell her how we stopped our horse do­ing the same. I trav­elled with him to watch more closely what was go­ing on, and could see he was like a back seat driver. His eyes were glued to the win­dow watch­ing ev­ery­thing that passed us by, so I cov­ered the win­dow with tinted lm that let light through but blurred the view. I gave him sedazine to help re­lax him and took him on a short trip around the block. I re­peated this over many weeks and he no longer paws and tries to eat the oat. I also have made a soft muz­zle (two sun-pro­tect­ing aps sown to­gether and at­tached to the hal­ter); this also helps calm the horse and pre­vents him chew­ing the inside of the oat.

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