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A high-tech hal­ter has been de­vel­oped so horse own­ers can check their beloved equine’s vi­tal signs by re­mote.

Nightwatch, which is cur­rently about to go on sale in the United States but will soon be mar­keted world­wide, al­lows own­ers to check their horses’ heart and res­pi­ra­tory rates, mo­tion and pos­ture, all with the use of a smart­phone.

Biomed­i­cal en­gi­neer Jef­frey Schab, of Texas, de­vel­oped the de­vice a er his beloved horse Snoop died of colic in 2013. “He was just eight years old and died alone in the mid­dle of the night in his stall.

“I vowed to not let his death be in vain, and im­me­di­ately started to in­vent a so­lu­tion that could pre­vent oth­ers from ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the same pain that my part­ner Wade and I did.”

e sen­sor can be worn as a hal­ter or as a sim­ple strap around the top of the horse’s head. It mon­i­tors real-time sta­tis­tics from the horse, which are sent from the de­vice to an app on a phone or com­puter, that can then no­tify the owner if the horse’s con­di­tion changes.

Nightwatch is un­der­go­ing safety and com­pli­ance tests, but can be pre-or­dered for around $US500 ($NZ735).

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