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Weave a bun­dle of prun­ings into a use­ful ac­cent for your gar­den

This sim­ple woven struc­ture can be used as a pri­vacy screen, plant sup­port or just to give your gar­den a hand­crafted look. You will need a se­lec­tion of long, slen­der and pli­able sticks for weav­ing (newly cut or pruned green wood is best; wil­low is an ex­cep­tion as it can be soaked to be­come more sup­ple), hard­wood branches for the up­rights, plus two re­in­forc­ing steel rods and a sturdy rec­tan­gu­lar planter.

Place re­in­forc­ing rods at each end of the planter and space the up­rights evenly in be­tween, hold­ing them in place by firmly pack­ing drainage stones then pot­ting soil around them. You can fur­ther se­cure them with lengths of wood set across the planter. Weave a strong bot­tom row through the up­rights, us­ing a few sticks to­gether and ty­ing them to the rods. Do the same at the top of the up­rights.

Now be­gin adding one stick at a time, start­ing from the bot­tom, weav­ing it in and out and al­ter­nat­ing so that if the stick un­der the one that you are work­ing with goes in front of the up­right, then the next one goes be­hind it. Press down each row as you go, so it lies flat on top of its pre­de­ces­sor. To cre­ate a striped ef­fect as shown, use two dif­fer­ent types of sticks. Tidy up any un­even ends with lop­pers if re­quired, then com­plete your plant­ing.

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