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NZ House & Gar­den grate­fully ac­knowl­edges the work of the fol­low­ing con­trib­u­tors:

Recipe writ­ers & food stylists: Ber­nadette Hogg

Jo Wilcox


Kate Ar­buth­not Cather­ine Huckerby Clau­dia Kozub

Pho­tog­ra­phers: Daniel Allen

Tessa Chrisp Si­mon De­vitt El­iz­a­beth Goodall Me­lanie Jenk­ins Paul McCredie Aaron McLean Belinda Mer­rie Juliet Ni­cholas Sally Tagg

Jane Ussher

Manja Wachsmuth Miz Watan­abe

Ad­di­tional pho­to­graphs: Cover Bureaux/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pg 3 Julien Fer­nan­dez/GAP In­te­ri­ors/De­sign by Agence Couleur/Ar­chi­tect David Hy­bre

Chap­ter 1 Out­door styles

Pg 27 (bot­tom left) Mar­cus Harpur/GAP Photos Pg 30 (top left) Heather Ed­wards/GAP Photos/ De­sign by An­drew Fisher Tom­lin & Dan Bowyer; (bot­tom left) Brent Wil­son/GAP Photos

Pg 31 An­drea Jones/GAP Photos/De­sign by John Tan & Ray­mond Tah

Chap­ter 2 Eat & re­lax

Pgs 32-33 Tria Gio­van/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pgs 34-35 Tria Gio­van/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pg 36 (top left) Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot Pgs 38-39 Jonathan Gooch/GAP Int/ Ar­chi­tect Nick Hat­field/ZAARC

Pg 41 (top left) Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot Pgs 42-43 Friedrich Strauss/GAP Photos

Chap­ter 3 Fire & wa­ter

Pgs 44-45 Julien Fer­nan­dez/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pgs 47 Mark Scott/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pg 48 Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot

Pg 49 (top) Bureaux/GAP In­te­ri­ors/De­sign by Greg Cox; (bot­tom right) Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot Pg 50 (top left) Bieke Claessens/GAP In­te­ri­ors; (bot­tom) Heather Ed­wards/GAP Photos/De­sign by Sue Jol­lons

Pg 52 (bot­tom cen­tre) Ni­cola Browne/GAP Photos/De­sign by Ted Smyth

Pg 55 Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot

Pgs 60-61 GAP Photos

Chap­ter 4 Over­head & un­der­foot

Pg 67 Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot

Pg 68 (top right) Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot; (bot­tom left) Robin Stub­bert/GAP In­te­ri­ors/ Styling by Chris­tine Han­lon/In­te­rior De­signer Michele Hatzi­ioan­nou­warm­ Pg 69 Julien Fer­nan­dez/GAP In­te­ri­ors

Pg 73 (bot­tom left) Liz Ed­di­son/FP/Gar­den Col­lec­tion/Oneshot

Pg 77 (top right) Ni­cola Stocken/GAP Photos; (mid­dle right) Elke Borkowski/De­sign by Fritz Doep­per; (bot­tom right) Clive Ni­chols/GAP Photos/De­sign by Mark Lau­rence

Pgs 78-79 (bot­tom right) Vi­sions Pre­mium/GAP Photos; (other im­ages) GAP Photos

Chap­ter 5 Work & play

Pg 85 (bot­tom right) Clive Ni­chols/GAP Photos/ De­sign by Clare Matthews; (bot­tom left) Ni­cola Stocken/GAP Photos

Pg 86 (top left) Brent Wil­son/GAP Photos; (top right) Clive Ni­chols/GAP Photos/De­sign by Clare Matthews; (cen­tre right) Clive Ni­chols/GAP Photos/De­sign by Clare Matthews; (bot­tom right) Ni­cola Stocken/GAP Photos

Pg 87 Ni­cola Stocken/GAP Photos

Pg 91 (bot­tom right) Liz Ed­di­son/Flora Press/ Oneshot/De­sign by Mike Rus­sell

Pg 92 (top left) Ni­cola Stocken/GAP Photos; (bot­tom right) Mar­cus Harpur/GAP Photos/ De­sign by Mark Gre­gory

Pg 93 Elke Borkowski/GAP Photos/De­sign by Kate Gould

Pgs 94-95 GAP Photos

Chap­ter 6 De­sign de­tails

Pg 101 (top) Charles Hawes/GAP Photos

Pg 103 (top right) Clive Ni­chols/GAP Photos/ De­sign by Gina Price; (bot­tom right) Jerry Pavia/ GAP Photos

Pgs 104-105 GAP Photos

Chap­ter 7 Out­door en­ter­tain­ing

Pgs 106-107 Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot

Pg 120 Sea­

Pg 121 (top left) Stock­food/Oneshot;

(top right) Sea­;

(bot­tom right) Stock­food/Oneshot

Pg 134 Liv­ing4­me­dia/Oneshot

Pg 135 (top left) Sea­;

(top right) Stock­food/Oneshot; (bot­tom right) Stock­food/Oneshot

Pgs 160-161 Costas Pi­cadas/GAP In­te­ri­ors

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