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We mulch in spring, which cuts down the weed­ing and hoe­ing re­quired, so we only need to spend two to three hours a week in the gar­den. ( Colin)

We are on a trickle-feed wa­ter sup­ply sys­tem and only re­ceive 1000 litres a day, so we tend to wa­ter only when it is very dry and use a sprin­kler for wa­ter­ing. Our next project is to in­stall a sec­ond wa­ter tank to catch the roof wa­ter for wa­ter­ing the gar­den. ( Colin)

The plant we get asked about the most is the trac­tor seat ligu­laria. Its bold fo­liage seems to cap­ture peo­ple’s at­ten­tion. ( Leeann)

The na­tive grasses are beau­ti­ful – the way they move in the wind – and there is such a va­ri­ety of colours. I par­tic­u­larly like the Carex tes­tacea. ( Leeann)

Un­less you have a good plant knowl­edge, em­ploy pro­fes­sional help to get your plant se­lec­tion right. ( Leeann)

We man­age with­out help. Colin tends to do the heavy-duty dig­ging and chain­saw work. Leeann does the weed­ing and gen­eral main­te­nance. ( Both)

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