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You read that right. Drink­ing. Just when I’d got my head around cau­li­flower pizza crust, cau­li­flower hum­mus, cau­li­flower sauce, cau­li­flower steaks and cau­li­flower rice/cous­cous (see page 132 for a recipe), and thought there couldn’t pos­si­bly be any more ways to pre­pare this fash­ion­able chameleon cru­cifer (noth­ing to do with mum’s cau­li­flower cheese, and ev­ery­thing to do with the healthy eat­ing trend), along comes the cau­li­flower smoothie.

Yes, it’s a thing. And, as I have dis­cov­ered, bet­ter than one might imag­ine be­cause, ba­si­cally, you can’t taste the cau­li­flower. Much. There’s a very slight sul­phurous back-note but apart from that, it’s to­tally in­of­fen­sive.

The trick is to drop the cauli into a fruit smoothie that al­ready tastes good – the point of us­ing caulif lower, after all, is to add veg­etable good­ness, not its flavour. If you also freeze the f lorets first, it will add to the creamy con­sis­tency, just as us­ing frozen banana does.

If you wanted to sneak some cauli past a vege-pho­bic kid, this could be the way to do it: ½ cup milk, up to ¼ cup cau­li­flower flo­rets, 1 frozen banana and a few drops of vanilla, whizzed to­gether in a pow­er­ful blender un­til smooth. Cin­na­mon and/or blue­ber­ries are good ad­di­tions for up­ping the f lavour.

As long as you start with a de­li­cious smoothie recipe, adding a few frozen flo­rets works a charm, plus it feels vir­tu­ous. It’s all about try­ing to keep up that five-plus a day and, in my book, drink­ing cauli is eas­ier than try­ing to knock back wheat­grass or kale. At least you can’t see it. Ap­par­ently there are recipes for cau­li­flower cho­co­late cake and brown­ies. In­deed, if car­rots, parsnips, pump­kin and cour­gettes can make their way into sweet bakes then why not cauli?

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