How to choose a mat­tress


Set your em­bar­rass­ment aside when buy­ing a new mat­tress, says Sleepy­head’s mar­ket­ing man­ager War­ren Roach. Bring a mag­a­zine and snug­gle down for a good length of time… in store.

“It feels for­eign climb­ing and ly­ing on beds in store, but we en­cour­age peo­ple to spend as much time as they like on the bed. Bring a mag­a­zine, go and lie down and have a read for half an hour,” he rec­om­mends.

Bounc­ing up and down on the end of the bed, some­thing War­ren sees of­ten, is not go­ing to help you choose the right bed, he says. “This isn’t go­ing to show how you’re go­ing to sleep on the mat­tress. Oth­ers will lie on their back and I’ll ask, ‘Do you sleep on your back?’ They don’t. Try the bed as you would in nor­mal sleep con­di­tions. Af­ter a few min­utes you’ll feel any un­com­fort­able aches and pains,” he says.

Suf­fer­ing from back pain? Don’t buy into the myth that a firm bed will help. “You’ve got to have good back sup­port and nat­u­ral spinal align­ment while you’re sleep­ing. Sleep­ing on some­thing very hard and rigid that can’t con­tour to the shape of your body isn’t go­ing to help. You can get a bed with very strong sup­port, but it doesn’t have to be firm,” he says.

Signs your bed might need re­plac­ing: your part­ner rolling into you in the night, or wak­ing with aches and pains. >

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