Sweet Cap­sicum Rel­ish

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This is a won­der­ful jelly-style rel­ish with tiny pieces of jewel-like cap­sicum in a spicy, but not too fiery, condi­ment. It is de­li­cious with cheese or meats and poul­try, and per­fect in a sand­wich.

2kg red, yel­low and or­ange cap­sicums 2 onions, peeled and roughly chopped 3 ta­ble­spoons non-iodised salt

6 cups jam sugar (if us­ing nor­mal sugar add a

70g packet of pectin jam-set­ting mix) 2 cups white vine­gar

1 ta­ble­spoon finely chopped mild chilli or mild

chilli paste

De­seed and core the cap­sicums, removing all the white in­ner ribs. Roughly chop up and place in a food pro­ces­sor – you will need to do this in batches. Add the onions and process to a fine mince.

Place mix­ture in a large bowl and add the salt. Cover with a plate and al­low to sit for 2 hours.

Rinse well in cold wa­ter, drain­ing through a sieve.

Place the cap­sicum mix­ture in a large saucepan or pre­serv­ing pan. Add the sugar, vine­gar and chilli. Bring to the boil, stir­ring to dis­solve the sugar. Re­duce heat and sim­mer for 45–50 min­utes.

Chill a saucer in the re­frig­er­a­tor and test the rel­ish’s set­ting by drip­ping a lit­tle on the cold saucer. If it gels and so­lid­i­fies it is ready to set.

Pour into ster­ilised jars and seal. Store in a cool, dark pantry for at least a month be­fore eat­ing. This keeps for up to 9 months in a cool, dark pantry. Once opened, store in the fridge. Makes 6–8 small to medium jars

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