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WHAT A WONDERFULLY worded “love let­ter” to Aotearoa’s rivers and streams by Polly Greeks in NZ Life & Leisure, May/ June. She cov­ered so much in two pages and wrote straight from her heart. Wa­ter is a ne­ces­sity of life and as Polly pointed out, it should be team­ing with life to be healthy. I live close to sev­eral bod­ies of wa­ter – lakes, a stream and the sea. I see house­hold plas­tic rub­bish blown or washed into th­ese bod­ies of wa­ter. It sad­dens me to see this. We can all start with baby steps to pro­tect our wa­ter. Take care with your re­cy­cling bin, how you pack it, and how you face the lid (if it has a lid) in strong winds. Use eco- friendly prod­ucts in­stead of chem­i­cals that may harm wa­ter­ways. When out and about, pick up plas­tic rub­bish in­stead of walk­ing past it. You will be help­ing to pro­tect birds and fi sh that may get tan­gled in it or in­gest it by mis­take. Make it clear – crys­tal clear – that we want clean wa­ter in New Zealand, not just lip ser­vice. Dianne Stout, Kapiti Coast

THIS LET­TER HAS been in my head for some months, but on a cold fresh Sun­day morn­ing with a cup of tea and the new NZ Life & Leisure in my hand, it’s time to put thoughts to pa­per. The de­liv­ery of the mag­a­zine some­thing to which I al­ways look for­ward. At the mo­ment, the la­bel does not have my name on it but my late part­ner’s name – Jonathan Paice, Jonny to me. Jonny was a tal­ented joiner with an eye for de­sign and style. He loved NZ Life & Leisure, along with The Shed Mag­a­zine. Our friend Kirstie strug­gled to know what to get Jonny, who had ter­mi­nal can­cer, for Christ­mas 2015. He al­ready had a sub­scrip­tion to NZ Life & Leisure, but she gave him an­other on top of what he al­ready had. Sadly, in Jan­uary 2016, af­ter less than 24 hours in the Nurse Maude Hospice in Christchurch, Jonny passed away at age 48. So af­ter all this time has passed, I’m still get­ting Jonny’s NZ Life & Leisure. I am well aware that soon I will have to pur­chase a new sub­scrip­tion, which will have my name on it. What my friend didn’t re­al­ize was that she was pro­vid­ing a gift that has given me com­fort, and I have a quiet smile each time it gets de­liv­ered in Jonny’s name. I get such joy read­ing it, and when it be­comes my name on the de­liv­ery, I will still smile qui­etly re­mem­ber­ing NZ Life & Leisure was some­thing we en­joyed shar­ing to­gether. Aly Ma­clean, Christchurch

WE, MY FRIEND AND I... have ex­changed mag­a­zine sub­scrip­tions for our birth­days for some years now. But we are now pen­sion­ers – time has crept up on us. Time?... we did think we should give up our lit­tle treat to each other, but it’s like leap­ing off a bridge. Can’t... we love our mag­a­zine, and we have al­ways swapped with each other, both gain­ing from read­ing it. Plea­sure... it’s mas­sive to be able to col­lect our mag­a­zine from the let­ter box. De­light­ful... to see lo­cal sto­ries of in­ter­est, recipes and hap­pen­ings. Hooked... we are. We can’t stop buy­ing it. NZ Life & Leisure... a mag­a­zine that con­tin­ues to im­prove in ev­ery way from its lay­out to its beau­ti­ful ad­ver­tise­ments. Bud­get… we will just stretch it a lit­tle fur­ther. Tina and Sue, Ran­giora

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