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While pre­mium New Zealand merino wool is now well- known for its use in high- end cloth­ing brands like Ice­breaker, Un­touched World and, more re­cently, All­birds shoes, Lanaco is tar­get­ing the health­care mar­ket.

The Astino breed was de­vel­oped specif­i­cally for prod­ucts like its sig­na­ture Helix Fil­ter, the key com­po­nent in an anti- pol­lu­tion face­mask launched in sev­eral Asian coun­tries. The Healthy Breath MEO masks, co- de­signed with fash­ion de­signer Karen Walker, are as far from a roll of car­pet as you can get.

Kiwi home-ven­ti­la­tion com­pany Unovent also uses Lanaco’s wool fil­ters to help peo­ple breathe more eas­ily. Unovent started work­ing with Lanaco in late 2017, adding the wool fil­ters as a last line of de­fence for al­lergy suf­fer­ers and man­ag­ing di­rec­tor John Wadsworth says the woollen fil­ters are a “game changer” for peo­ple with res­pi­ra­tory health is­sues.

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