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Be­fore go­ing un­der the nee­dle con­sider your bud­get. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Prices will vary slightly depend­ing on where you live and the prod­uct used. Bo­tox typ­i­cally starts at about $350 per treat­ment site so if you spot cheaper deals, start won­der­ing why. ( While it is rare, it is not un­com­mon for a prod­uct to be di­luted or for it to be a knock- off.) It’s also com­mon for nurses, rather than fully-fledged doc­tors, to do in­jec­tions and many clin­ics will re­flect that in their prices (the nurse will be cheaper). It also pays to be flex­i­ble: bot­u­lism toxin is charged by the unit, which means you may need more than you bud­geted for. If that’s the case, save up un­til you can af­ford the treat­ment that has been rec­om­mended; the re­sults will be bet­ter.

Pro­ce­dures such as Bo­tox and der­mal fillers usu­ally take min­utes with lit­tle or no down­time. With Bo­tox you may get a lit­tle bruis­ing, which is eas­ily dis­guised by makeup, and you will be ad­vised not to ex­er­cise for 24 hours since in­creased blood cir­cu­la­tion means your blood might sweep away some of the prod­uct from the in­jec­tion site. It’s slightly dif­fer­ent with fillers; some swelling, es­pe­cially around the lips, is com­mon, so don’t sched­ule an ap­point­ment di­rectly be­fore a big event. (Also, don’t book an ap­point­ment to have your teeth cleaned in the days af­ter. When teeth are cleaned, bac­te­ria are re­leased into the mouth and blood­stream. The body rec­og­nizes fillers as a for­eign substance and ex­cess bac­te­ria may in­crease the risk of in­fec­tion.)

Re­sults for Bo­tox and fillers are dif­fer­ent. Gen­er­ally, fillers last longer (any­where up to 18 months) whereas Bo­tox lasts from four to six months.

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