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Feed­ing your live­stock with DE paves the way for bet­ter feed con­ver­sion, in­creased min­eral ab­sorp­tion and im­proved over­all health.

Di­atoma­ceous Earth (DE) is the fos­silised shell of phy­to­plank­tons known as di­atoms. They ex­tract nu­tri­ents and min­er­als from sea­wa­ter to build their shells.

As di­atoms pass through the GI tract of an­i­mals and mam­mals they sup­ply the host with sil­ica (es­sen­tial for or­gan and con­nec­tive tis­sue elas­tic­ity) and help to clean the di­ges­tive pas­sages by break­ing down ex­cess mu­cus de­posits, at­tract­ing and bind­ing heavy met­als, and lac­er­at­ing in­ter­nal par­a­sites to the point of re­jec­tion. Noted benefits re­ported by DE users in­clude:

• bet­ter feed con­ver­sion (a re­duc­tion in hard feed re­quire­ments

is of­ten re­ported);

• im­proved skin, coats and hooves;

• no worms;

• elim­i­na­tion of scours;

• in­hi­bi­tion of mas­ti­tis;

• in­creased milk and but­ter fat;

• more eggs with stronger shells from poul­try;

• heavy metal re­moval;

• drier, de­odorised ma­nure.

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