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Cit­rus are my hobby species, so I have striven to keep alive all kinds, with some fail­ures. Or­anges don’t like the South Is­land. The ones in bold bear fruit most years, in small quan­ti­ties, and kaffir lime* and oth­ers may be used for their leaves in cui­sine. They hate frost and drought, and they need dolomite lime and sum­mer wa­ter.

• Mex­i­can lime

• Sat­suma man­darin

• Hawai­ian lime

• Kaffir lime*

• Lemon­ade lemon

• Meyer lemon

• Grapefruit, Golden Spe­cial

• Grapefruit, Cut­ler Red

• Grapefruit, Wheeny

• Pomelo

• Tan­gor ugli

• Maori lemon

• Genoa lemon

• Gi­ant lemon Pip

• Tahiti lime

• Or­ange Harward

• Or­ange Va­len­cia

• Or­ange Chinotto

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