Fussy fleece

NZ Lifestyle Block - - A Country Life - Words Lil­lie Evans (aged 9)


There was born a lamb from a cranky old ewe. The lamb be­gan as any other, feed­ing hun­grily from the swollen ud­der.

But as he grew older, things started to change, for lit­tle Fleece be­gan to com­plain. “This pad­dock is dirty! It’s cov­ered in poo. I refuse to eat food that grows in our loo!”

The prob­lem with Fleece was he had be­come picky, and find­ing clean grass was be­com­ing quite tricky. The rest of the flock would poo ev­ery­where, just graz­ing around it with­out a care.

Fleece was dis­gusted, “How can you eat this old poo? I refuse to eat it and so should you.”

The rest of the flock roared with laugh­ter “Here is a sheep too posh for our pas­ture.” The weeks passed by and the sum­mer got hot. The lambs got sickly, but Fleece did not.

Full tum­mies grew thin. The poos got all runny. Some of the lambs were feel­ing quite funny.

The lambs turned to Fleece who was look­ing quite fat. “We’re feel­ing quite queasy. Can you help us with that?” Fleece knew then just what to do, he must save his friends from the dreaded poo. To wise old Ram­sey, Fleece did go, of what to do he’d surely know.

The enor­mous ram stood upon the rise and spoke in the lan­guage of the wise. “It’s hard to say but fear it’s true, your friends have worms in­side their poo.

These par­a­sites are within the grass And into our gut they some­times pass. This is the way it’s al­ways been. We just can’t keep our pas­ture clean.”

Filled with ex­cite­ment, Fleece re­turned to his flock, an idea was brew­ing, one they surely won’t mock. The sheep gath­ered round with hope­less de­spair and Fleece told them the truth they were long­ing to hear.

“Let’s all poo in one cor­ner to keep this place clean, so we can eat fresh grass and know where it’s been.” Re­luc­tantly, they fol­lowed his lead, one cor­ner for busi­ness, and the rest for their feed.

Sev­eral weeks later, the flock were worm-free, and Fleece was their hero from be­ing fussy. Their se­cret they kept with know­ing smirks, un­til one day the truck ar­rived from the works!

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