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Mus­tard has been cul­ti­vated for over 5000 years for its seed and leaf. The an­nual black mus­tard ( Bras­sica ni­gra) is tra­di­tion­ally grown for its seeds which are used as a spice, but can also be grown in the gar­den as a salad or stir-fry green.

Stud­ies show the an­tiox­i­dant con­tent can re­duce the rate of blad­der, colon and lung can­cers. Bras­sica juncea Mus­tard Streaks is my favourite mus­tard mi­crogreen and very flex­i­ble. It is easily grown and likes it on the cool side, but will also grow fine in the heat, ger­mi­nat­ing read­ily from 10-20°C.

The lacy, lime-green leaves have a sweet, hot mus­tard flavour. They can be har­vested at mi­crogreen stage, or as baby salad greens. I add seed to my mesclun mix to give a hot pep­pery ac­cent to the milder tast­ing greens. You can also grow it sep­a­rately and use it to spice up any salad.

Mizuna is the Ja­panese name for two species of mus­tard greens, Bras­sica juncea and B. rapa, grown ex­ten­sively in Ja­pan. While there are more ex­cit­ing greens for sum­mer use, mizuna is ex­cel­lent for bulk­ing up in the cooler months as it is one of the fastest-grow­ing greens un­der cold con­di­tions. I like Red Coral which has a blush of bur­gundy and a sweet, fresh mus­tard taste.

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