2. Pea

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Pea shoots are sweet, crisp, crunchy, and taste de­li­cious, like young snow peas.

Ger­mi­na­tion is en­hanced by pre­soak­ing for up to 24 hours. Grow at high den­sity and harvest at about 5cm, or cut higher in the stem to grow on.

The shoots give an ex­otic touch to sal­ads, cooked dishes and meats. They con­tain pro­tein, car­bo­hy­drate and vi­ta­min C, vi­ta­min B1, iron, niacin, mag­ne­sium and zinc.

Per­haps the birds know this too - they love them! I planted mine well in­side the green­house - use cloche cover pro­tec­tion if they are out­doors. Fuji Feath­ers is my favourite and it’s in­trigu­ing, with less leaf and long, fine, feathered green ten­drils, even on young seedlings. It’s quick-grow­ing and fun for kids.

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