NZ Lifestyle Block - - Your Letters - Bruce Utting, Otaki (abridged)

Mur­ray Grim­wood’s latest rant ( 4 rules for a new, sim­pler way of life, June 2015) has no place in such a mag­a­zine as this in my opin­ion.

His lu­di­crously im­prac­ti­ca­ble ideas amount to noth­ing more or less than ad­vo­cat­ing com­plete an­ar­chy. He wants to over­throw the mon­e­tary sys­tem, de­stroy the banks, and turn so­ci­ety up­side down, all in the in­ter­est of that buzz­word ‘sus­tain­abil­ity’.

Mur­ray needs to get it into his head that life on this planet never was, and never will be, ‘sus­tain­able’. Species evolve, live out their al­lot­ted span, and die out, and man will be no dif­fer­ent.

In the mean­time, let’s just en­joy the life we are lucky enough to have in this beau­ti­ful coun­try.

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