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This graph shows the amount of each mea­sured nu­tri­ent in the pas­ture sam­ple we pro­vided to the lab­o­ra­tory. It was from this anal­y­sis in par­tic­u­lar that the fer­tiliser rep rec­om­mended we ap­ply some Molyb­de­num this sea­son, pri­mar­ily be­cause it may be lim­it­ing the growth of clover in our pas­tures.

In­ter­est­ingly, all past pas­ture sam­pling has shown an ex­cess of Iron. Our an­i­mals al­ways show a Cop­per de­fi­ciency when we test their liv­ers and we con­cluded that the Iron was prob­a­bly the el­e­ment which in­ter­fered with their ab­sorp­tion of Cop­per. Both Molyb­de­num and Sul­phur will also af­fect Cop­per lev­els in ru­mi­nants. Check what type of sam­pling will give you the in­for­ma­tion you're look­ing for. In this case we did a gen­eral sam­ple of the avail­able plants, pri­mar­ily kikuyu and clover, in the au­tumn.

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