Potato peel­ings

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The outer skins of fruit and veg­eta­bles have a lot of flavour, vi­ta­mins and nu­tri­ents stored just un­der the skin that gets peeled away with the skin. To en­sure I get all the nu­tri­ents, I tend to leave the skin on my pota­toes, although my part­ner puts it down to lazi­ness. If you can’t stand the sight, tex­ture or even taste of the peel on your baked, boiled, roast or fried pota­toes, then peel away, but there are also a cou­ple of uses for the peel once you are done.


You can make slightly healthy potato crisps: mix potato peels with enough le­mon juice and olive oil to evenly coat them. Spread the potato peels in a layer on an oven tray and cook at 200 º C, stir­ring once, un­til golden brown (about 10 min­utes). Sea­son to taste.

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