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At­tributes in­clude: • lighter in adult weight • usu­ally of Mediter­ranean ori­gin • of­ten re­ferred to as be­ing more highly strung and flighty than the heavy breeds • tend to have a smaller ap­petite • are bet­ter able to reg­u­late their ap­petite to their needs • lay more eggs than heav­ier breeds, usu­ally (but not al­ways) white or a lighter beige* LIGHT BREEDS: Leghorns, Mi­nor­cas and An­conas, all orig­i­nat­ing from south­ern Europe, eg Spain and Italy; Pol­ish, Campines, Ham­burgs, Houdans and Wel­sum­mers, orig­i­nat­ing from fur­ther north in Europe; and Silkies, which orig­i­nated from Asia.

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