If that’s a plum­cot, what is a pluot?

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The plum­cot was cre­ated by Amer­i­can hor­ti­cul­tur­ist Luther Bur­bank a cen­tury ago by bud­ding a hy­brid plum/apri­cot.

Plu­ots were in­vented quite re­cently by Floyd Zaiger, and are a se­lec­tion or va­ri­ety of plum/apri­cot-crosses that show more plum than apri­cot char­ac­ter­is­tics. Con­versely, an ‘aprium’ is a sim­i­lar cross but shows more apri­cot fea­tures than plum.

There is also a tree called an ‘apriplum’ which is a cross-pol­li­nated hy­brid but it doesn’t set fruit with­out fur­ther cross-pol­li­nat­ing.

Wikipedia has a full list of avail­able va­ri­eties of both plum­cots and plu­ots world­wide. These were all de­vel­oped in Cal­i­for­nia, which gives you a hint as to what cli­mate they re­ally thrive in: am­ple sum­mer heat and good spring rain, with some win­ter chill but not hard frosts in spring, which dam­age the blos­soms.

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