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I love the mag­a­zine – so many use­ful ar­ti­cles!

I was won­der­ing if you could do an ar­ti­cle on an or­gan­ism that is not re­ally a weed but is a huge nui­sance nev­er­the­less, Nos­toc com­mune. I can­not find a way of get­ting rid of it at all and I am sure there are many out there who are in the same boat.

NADENE REPLIES: what a re­volt­ing look­ing thing. It’s ac­tu­ally a slime mould called Fuligo sep­tica which likes grow­ing on de­cay­ing wood and mulch, and tends to form af­ter heavy rain or ir­ri­ga­tion.

Clive Shirley of www.hid­den­for­est., a web­site ded­i­cated to his pas­sion for fungi and other ‘crea­tures’, says de­spite its looks, it won’t hurt you.

“It’s harm­less and not known to be poi­sonous but with a com­mon name of ‘dog vomit slime’ I am not sure you would try to eat it.

“If it is a prob­lem then a gar­den hose will dis­perse it.”

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