Why we use the yard wean­ing method

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sup­ple­ments (eg, grain) may be re­quired to boost en­ergy in the diet if hay/silage/ baleage is of low qual­ity. In­tro­duce con­cen­trates slowly, build­ing up to the max­i­mum daily amount.

Calves and lambs are cas­trated the same way, but calves are usu­ally done while stand­ing in a race. Use an or­di­nary elas­tra­tor with the prongs to­ward the body. The ring is opened and the scro­tum pulled through. The testes will not al­ways come through with the scro­tum, so en­sure they are "in the bag" be­fore you gen­tly let the ring close. Make sure the scro­tum is clamped above both testes, but with­out gath­er­ing the teats or any ex­cess skin. As you close the ring, the scro­tum be­comes firm and it's easy to feel that you have both testes. The elas­tra­tor may get caught in wool or hair.

ABOVE RIGHT: Lambs will of­ten re­tain their de­tached, dead scrota be­cause the ring catches wool as it is ap­plied and so they don't come off un­til first shorn. The cas­tra­tion scar is com­pletely healed, but you can just see the orange ring still in place.

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