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IF YOU de­cide to graze your rab­bits in hutches where they will have ac­cess to lawn or pas­ture, th­ese will need to be moved onto a fresh area of grass ev­ery day. That area should not be grazed again for six weeks as par­a­site num­bers can build up, as with any graz­ing live­stock. In par­tic­u­lar, you want to avoid a build-up of E.cu­ni­culi (see the top of page 49).

The sec­ond is­sue is RCD (rab­bit cali­civirus dis­ease, also known as RHD, rab­bit hae­m­or­rhagic dis­ease). The risk is high for your do­mes­tic rab­bits catch­ing RCD. You can vac­ci­nate your rab­bits against it, but it is not a 100% guar­an­tee. If they catch it, they are dead in 24 hours, it’s highly con­ta­gious and you should quar­an­tine your rab­bitry for three months. Don’t visit other peo­ple with rab­bits.

On the plus side, fresh grass can be a cheap sup­ple­ment to a diet of pel­lets, and watch­ing baby rab­bits run around play­ing is al­ways fun.

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