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THE DEPTH of the cages in my rab­bitry is 60cm – that’s how long my right arm is, so I can eas­ily catch the rab­bits and reach the back of the cage for clean­ing. If you make them deeper, your rab­bit can sit at the back of the cage out of reach, and they tend to toi­let in the back cor­ner of the cage so be­ing able to reach right to the back is very im­por­tant.

Make the doors as large as pos­si­ble. Don’t make the mis­take of clos­ing in the run so that the only way to catch the rab­bit is in the nest box. The rab­bit will fig­ure this out very fast and drive you mad when you’re try­ing to catch them. The best cages have roofs or sides that can be opened.

The SPCA rec­om­mend cages should be big enough for a rab­bit to hop three con­sec­u­tive hops across, lay down fully stretched out, and stand on the tips of its toes with its ears up. By those rec­om­men­da­tions, a NZ White would need a cage 100cm x 60cm but it would have to be at least 100cm high to al­low for the rab­bit to stand tall with its ears up. The com­pro­mise for me is to have cages which are 45cm high so they can sit up with their ears up.

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