The diet of a chick born in 1910

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A diet for start­ing chicks from a book pub­lished in 1910 ( Book) says:

“We want to see the chicks hun­gry, let your chicks have enough food, but do not stuff them - feed lit­tle and of­ten.”

The rec­om­mended mix for freerange birds was:

parts of the wheat grain af­ter with a raw egg to make it stiff and crumbly.

An­other diet from the same era rec­om­mends one part pro­tein to two parts fat for chicks aged two weeks old, with beef scraps, dried blood, an­i­mal meal or fine­ly­ground green bone.

For grow­ing birds, an­other book of the same time rec­om­mends one pound of oats, one pound of wheat, half a pound of corn and half a pound of beef scraps. They

also had to have ac­cess to greens

and in­sects from a free-range

al­falfa or clover pas­ture, or a


Suc­cess­ful Poul­try Keep­ing

(1907) rec­om­mended in­clud­ing two or more grains, (2/3 cracked corn to 1/3 clipped oats), an­i­mal worry about how much of each in­gre­di­ent is right as it has al­ready been for­mu­lated with a lot more ac­cu­racy thanks

to avian nu­tri­tion­ists,

a lot of sci­ence, and com­put­ers.

All that is left for you is to know which food is right for the age and the size of bird

you have, and either in­crease,

de­crease, or bulk out what you

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