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YOU MAY only have five cat­tle or 15 sheep, so it’s easy to think a drought won’t have much of an im­pact com­pared to some­one with 500 cat­tle or 1500 sheep, and block own­ers do have some ad­van­tages: the losses are prob­a­bly not go­ing to put your liveli­hood at risk, and find­ing small amounts of feed is eas­ier than try­ing to get it in bulk.

But you will still face hav­ing to spend sig­nif­i­cant amounts on ex­tra feed, or sell­ing some or all of your stock, and pay­ing for ex­tra wa­ter if you’re on tank sup­ply.

Re­search on pre­vi­ous droughts has found the most im­por­tant fac­tor in making it through a drought with the least fi­nan­cial loss, the least ex­pense, and the least stress is sim­ple: plan ahead, set a timetable for im­ple­ment­ing de­ci­sions, and make those de­ci­sions as early as pos­si­ble. The ear­lier you make a de­ci­sion, the less your loss will be.

You will need to up­date and re­vise the plan reg­u­larly, as fre­quently as week to week, if money or feed sup­plies get tighter than you ini­tially forecast.

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