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The new Nest-o-matic au­to­matic roll-a-way nest­ing box means no more dirty eggs, no egg eat­ing, less chance of broody hens, and no red mite in­va­sions.

Eggs roll out by them­selves into a cov­ered tray pre­vent­ing them from be­ing de­stroyed by the hens, or dirt­ied. It also dis­cour­ages brood­i­ness in hens; no eggs to sit on means hens will be less likely to go clucky.

Hens sit on a soft, com­fort­able nest pad made of an­tibac­te­rial poly­eth­yl­ene which can be re­moved, washed, dried and placed back in the nest to keep it hy­gienic. The bonus is there’s no hay, straw or shav­ings to bother with, re­duc­ing the time you spend clean­ing your coop.

The Nest-o-matic is made of Uv-re­sis­tant plas­tic parts and a gal­vanised sheet metal body so there’s nowhere for red mites to hide, and it’s very easy to clean.

It is de­liv­ered unassem­bled as a flat pack kit­set – as­sem­bly is sim­ple and takes min­utes.

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