David’s big con­fes­sion: why beef cat­tle are eas­ier than al­paca

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MY RA­TIO­NALE is that beef cat­tle, once past wean­ing age, are eas­ier to care for than al­paca.

I could do a sim­i­lar anal­y­sis for sheep and goats too. I put sheep last be­cause they are so silly and there’s twice yearly shear­ing (de­pend­ing on breed). Goats re­quire hous­ing or shel­ter, which sheep don’t, and goats have a ten­dency to es­cape poorly-fenced pad­docks, but they are good-na­tured an­i­mals and much more pre­dictable than sheep.

Both suf­fer from footrot, al­though sheep are prone to fly­strike. Al­paca don’t seem to be, un­less they are wounded and then they are fair game, just like any an­i­mal.

There isn’t a lot in it. Per­son­ally, I like al­paca be­cause you can build up a re­la­tion­ship with them due to their in­tel­li­gence, but cat­tle have lower in­puts of time.

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