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THE SNOW POPPY is an at­trac­tive low-grow­ing ev­er­green peren­nial, na­tive to east­ern China. It pro­duces fleshy, 30-60cm high stems topped with heart to kid­ney-shaped, leath­ery leaves. The stems se­crete or­ange sap when crushed. Tall stems of pure white, four-petalled flow­ers with a cen­tral clus­ter of bright golden sta­mens ap­pear in spring and sum­mer. It is widely planted in gar­dens in warm-totem­per­ate parts of the coun­try as a ground­cover un­der trees and in shaded ar­eas.

This is a re­cent gar­den es­capee that thrives in shaded sites with well-drained soil, where it forms a dense net­work of dif­fi­cult-to-con­trol un­der­ground rhi­zomes. Plant frag­ments of both stems and roots spread through gar­den dump­ing. Th­ese take root eas­ily in na­tive bush ar­eas where they smother small na­tive plants un­der a dense canopy of fo­liage and in­hibit ger­mi­na­tion of seedlings.

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