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Com­pressed earth bricks made in man­ual or en­gine-op­er­ated presses are one of the more mod­ern ad­di­tions to the earth build­ing scene. The bricks are made from a dry mix, of­ten sta­bilised with up to 10% ce­ment, then com­pressed to form dense, reg­u­lar-shaped bricks.

Bricks can be pro­duced on-site us­ing a man­ual ram, or can be bought from a man­u­fac­turer.


This tech­nique in­volves mix­ing wa­ter with earth un­til it is about cake mix con­sis­tency. It is then poured into moulds. The moulds are set up di­rectly in place on the wall. Once it has set the mould is re­moved.

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