3 tips for win­ter warmth

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1 su­per easy way to find out how far heat trav­els

This isn’t ex­act sci­ence, but if you’re try­ing to fig­ure out the best spot to put a wood burner, light an in­cense stick and see how far the smell goes. It can give you a ba­sic idea of how far heat will spread when car­ried by nat­u­ral air flow through your home.

Source: www.solid­fu­el­heat­ing.co.nz

Know what an ef­fi­cient fire looks like

Sit­ting in front of your wood burner or fire­place, you should be look­ing at bright, swirling flames and glow­ing em­bers. Out­side, you should see lit­tle or no smoke com­ing out of your chim­ney or ide­ally just a heat ‘haze’ – wait 10 min­utes af­ter first light­ing a fire or adding wood to it be­fore check­ing it. The key to cre­at­ing this kind of fire is well-sea­soned, dry wood, split into rel­a­tively small pieces – not big, chunky logs – and a good work­ing knowl­edge of the fea­tures of your heat­ing sys­tem. Read the in­struc­tion book, and/or ask for a run-through when you buy it so you know the best way to con­trol vents and load the fire­box.

Source: En­vi­ron­ment South­land

Don’t load and leave

In the old days, it was com­mon to load a fire­box up overnight, turn it down and leave it to burn overnight. How­ever, this cre­ates large amounts of dam­ag­ing air par­ti­cle pol­lu­tion and is very in­ef­fi­cient, cre­at­ing lit­tle heat and a lot of soot which will build up in your flue and re­quire clean­ing out.

Source: www.con­sumer.co.nz

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