When to sow

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In cooler frosty cli­mates, sow from early spring un­til late au­tumn.

In mild but not hot ar­eas, sow year­round.

In very warm to hot ar­eas (eg North­land), sow late sum­mer and au­tumn for har­vest in win­ter and spring.

How to grow

Site win­ter crops in full sun, and sum­mer sow­ings in dap­pled or half­shade (but not full shade). Un­der de­cid­u­ous trees works well.

Sow di­rectly into in a well-drained, light soil, rich in com­post.

Use fresh seed only. Do not cover as seeds need light to ger­mi­nate. Press lightly into soil or sow in a fur­row about 2cm deep.

Ger­mi­na­tion is slow – keep seedbeds moist with fine wa­ter­ing for 7-21 days.

Dry­ing out causes poor flavour and bolt­ing so keep the grow­ing plants moist es­pe­cially in hot pe­ri­ods – mulching will help con­serve mois­ture and keep tem­per­a­tures even.

Once seedlings are 4-6cm high thin to 15-20cm apart.

In frosty ar­eas, a green­house or cloches can im­prove pro­duc­tiv­ity.

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