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THIS IS A RARE WEED, a deadly poi­sonous, smelly shrub that grows to 1-3m, with stems that be­come woody as it ma­tures. It has hair­less, al­ter­nate leaves (20-120mm x 5-30mm) which smell rub­bery and foul when bruised. The dense green­ish-yel­low tubu­lar flow­ers are 15-23mm long and fra­grant at night, ap­pear­ing from Novem­ber to June, fol­lowed by glossy, pur­plish-black berries. Green cestrum pro­duces many long-lived, widely dis­persed seeds, and forms dense, shady masses. It prefers damp con­di­tions, is mod­er­ate to highly shadetol­er­ant, and grows in most soil types, and hot or cold con­di­tions.

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