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I like mak­ing leek cake in a ring tin, let­ting it com­pletely cool and then turn­ing it out onto a bed of let­tuce. If pre­ferred, it can be made in a shal­low oven­proof dish and served hot, though it is more tra­di­tional to serve it sliced as a cake. It’s best to use flour potato va­ri­eties like Ilam Hardy, red Ras­cal and Agria.

spread­ing ill­ness to other birds), warmth, a re­turn to the high pro­tein, coc­cid­io­sismed­i­cated Chick Starter feed they had been on, and treat­ment with Cox­iprol, a no-pre­scrip­tion-re­quired treat­ment for coc­cid­io­sis, which she had on hand.

A cou­ple of days later she rang to say they had started cough­ing and sneez­ing and an­other four or five looked sick.

Those aren’t symp­toms of coc­cio­dio­sis. In­fected birds are very prone to sec­ondary in­fec­tions, but my thoughts turned to pos­si­ble res­pi­ra­tory diseases and I sug­gested she con­sider get­ting a vet pre­scrip­tion for an an­tibi­otic to al­le­vi­ate it. She would need to take a few sick birds along to the vet and a dead one, if any more died be­fore she got there.

The vet took throat swabs and sent them off to Massey Vet Lab, and pre­scribed tetra­cy­cline (a broad spec­trum an­tibi­otic) in the mean­time. In­ter­est­ingly, be­cause a res­pi­ra­tory disease was in­volved and 50% of my friend’s af­fected group were dead or sick, the Min­istry for Pri­mary In­dus­tries (MPI) had to be no­ti­fied in case it was some­thing like avian in­fluenza, a no­ti­fi­able disease and not cur­rently present in NZ.

That meant the test­ing – the most ex­pen­sive part of the process – was free, and if a post-mortem was in­volved, she’d have got the best avian ex­perts in the coun­try do­ing that for free too.

For­tu­nately, her birds were neg­a­tive for avian in­fluenza, but the tests did in­di­cate in­fec­tious laryngo tra­cheitis (ILT).

The owner, her vet, a vac­cine man­u­fac­turer and I were all in­volved in coming up with a plan of ac­tion. Com­mer­cial flocks are of­ten vac­ci­nated for this disease – it’s more com­mon in north­ern parts of NZ – but for a small flock owner, the prob­lem is once the live virus vac­cine is in­tro­duced, ev­ery sub­se­quent flock must be vac­ci­nated

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