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This has to be the most divine cor­dial ever. I can never make enough of it. You just need a small amount in a glass topped up with wa­ter and you'll be in heaven. This is how one writer de­scribes it.

“The fa­mous cor­dial... has a unique, al­most ethe­real qual­ity… sug­ges­tive of some mys­te­ri­ous fruit with hints of hay and sum­mer mead­ows.”

20 large elder­flower flower heads 4 lemons 1 tbsp cit­ric acid 1.5 litres wa­ter 1 kg su­gar

Zest the lemons, then roughly chop into chunks. Gen­tly wash the flower heads and steep them in a bowl with the wa­ter, zest and lemon chunks. Dis­solve the cit­ric acid in a small amount of wa­ter and add this to the flower head mix­ture. Cover and leave for 24 hours, then strain through muslin. Gen­tly bring the strained liq­uid to the boil, add the su­gar and stir un­til dis­solved. Pour into ster­ilised glass bot­tles and keep in fridge when cool.

(to use with any ed­i­ble flower)

You can use stan­dard grade wheat flour, or rice flour if you'd rather be gluten free. You can also use ei­ther wa­ter or light beer – the flavour changes de­pend­ing which you use but both are de­li­cious.

Im­por­tant note

BE­FORE you start mak­ing the bat­ter, pour about 5mm of mild cook­ing oil into a fry­ing pan and heat on medium-high. The bat­ter needs to be used straight away be­fore it warms up so get ev­ery­thing ready and then hit GO!

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