How to ripen green toma­toes

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Toma­toes need warmth,

not light, to ripen so there’s no need to put them on a sunny win­dowsill. While the warmth from the sun does en­cour­age fruit to ripen, you may end up with overly dry fruit and this is es­pe­cially true for fruit that’s al­most com­pletely green.

In­stead, place your toma­toes in a pa­per bag and po­si­tion the bag in a warm spot. The pa­per bag acts as a minia­ture green­house, of­fer­ing warmth and trap­ping eth­yl­ene. Like many fruits, toma­toes emit eth­yl­ene gas as they ripen, which ac­cel­er­ates the ripen­ing process. Ba­nanas are pro­lific eth­yl­ene pro­duc­ers, so place one in the bag with your toma­toes to speed up the process.

If you have sev­eral tomato plants with un­ripe fruit on them, up­root the whole plant and hang it up­side down in a warm but shaded spot, like a shed.

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