The crop-mak­ers

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Shane has three large green­houses. Two are 2000m ² green­houses and a newer 1600m ² house with ridge vents which he built kit­set-style. They are all un­heated, so most of his crops are fin­ished by May/june. The warmer au­tumns over the last few years have en­abled Shane to carry crops a bit later. The springs have been cooler, but with fewer frosts, he has been en­cour­aged enough to try mar­ginal crops like okra. Over win­ter he ro­tary hoes sheep ma­nure into the soil, cov­ers it in black plas­tic and lays saw­dust on top, which is later re­cy­cled. T-tape ir­ri­ga­tion sup­plies wa­ter to all the plants.

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