5 rea­sons Ja­son loves rounds

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• They’re free-stand­ing, no need to lean wood against any­thing, mean­ing it can be put any­where and isn’t con­fined to lean­ing on a wall.

• It al­lows the wood to dry and sea­son quickly thanks to its por­ous de­sign. “Lars says in the book it has to be loose enough that a mouse can run through the mid­dle. You’ve got this air flow, you can stand on the other side of the wood in the wind and you can feel the air com­ing through it, so it dries re­ally ef­fi­ciently.”

• Pal­lets on the base keep the bot­tom dry.

• The top layer can sit bark-side up to cre­ate a ‘roof’ but Ja­son has found it sheds wa­ter very well any­way.

• It’s a very sat­is­fy­ing thing to do. “My favourite pas­sage from Lars’ book is where he says: You know ex­actly where you are with a wood­pile. Its share price doesn’t fall on the stock mar­ket. It won’t rust. It won’t sue for di­vorce. It just stands there and does one thing: it waits for win­ter.”

Ja­son’s first round un­der con­struc­tion, but not built on pal­lets.

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