2 clever de­sign tips to give you the per­fect fenc­ing plan

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with a race (for ac­cess) around the bound­ary, and dou­ble fence the in­side of the race to plant trees. This en­ables easy ac­cess to ev­ery pad­dock, a long race to ex­er­cise an­i­mals in, a dou­ble bound­ary from your neigh­bour, shel­ter in ev­ery pad­dock, and many other ben­e­fits. Most im­por­tantly, it pro­vides easy ac­cess to both sides of your trees for har­vest­ing and main­te­nance.


to stop your stock eat­ing your grow­ing trees, but will be in the way when har­vest­ing. My favourite is a post and net­ting strip fence, with an elec­tric wire on a pig­tail out­rig­ger, for sev­eral rea­sons:

• it is quick to put up;

• it keeps cat­tle (and prob­a­bly horses and al­pacas) off trees with­out tak­ing out a lot of land that will then need main­te­nance;

• it con­tin­ues to be ef­fec­tive in a power cut;

• it is easy to climb un­der and over when­ever you want to get in;

• it is sim­ple enough to take down and put back up again when you want to fell a tree;

• plant­ing in strips means the trees pro­vide shel­ter and shade to pad­docks.

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