Other signs of poor health that re­quire in­ter­ven­tion in­clude:

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• par­a­site in­fes­ta­tion, internal and ex­ter­nal, eg scaly leg mite caus­ing lame­ness and de­formed scales on the legs and/or mite/lice in­fes­ta­tions caus­ing anaemia which may cause a change in be­hav­iour like re­fus­ing to use the nests or roosts pro­vided; • peck­ing and can­ni­bal­ism due to over­crowd­ing, the wrong diet (eg, too low in pro­tein), or the in­tro­duc­tion of a dif­fer­ent bird to an es­tab­lished flock; • in­jury or de­for­mity which in­hibits the bird’s nor­mal be­hav­iour to be able to drink, eat and get away from preda­tors or other pen mates when re­quired. This in­cludes in­stances where chicks are hatched with se­ri­ous de­for­mi­ties or lack of a nor­mal body part (like eyes) and are ar­ti­fi­cially kept alive to grat­ify the owner.

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