11 tips forr us­ing mizuna

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• Use mizuna in any recipes which call for mus­tard greens or cab­bage.

• Stalks and leaves should be sep­a­rated – stalks need longer to cook.

• Leaves cook very rapidly – just a pan off the heat may be suf­fi­cient. If cooked too long, greens will be limp and life­less.

• use gen­er­ously in cook­ing mizuna cooks down a lot, like spinach and sil­ver­beet.

• Try adding it as a pizza top­ping, toss into pasta, or blend into pesto.

• Stir chopped, cleaned mizuna into risotto at the end of cook­ing – add mush­rooms for a more earthy flavour.

• Toss mizuna into miso or any veg­etable soup near the end of cook­ing.

• Stir-fry with any veg­eta­bles us­ing lots of gar­lic and gin­ger – cook larger veg­etable pieces first, adding mizuna last and just wilt it, then serve.

• Toss raw mizuna with quinoa, rice, bar­ley or any grain for a fresh pic­nic-style salad, more de­li­cious with lemon vinai­grette.

• Mizuna goes well with ap­ples, pears, peaches, figs, cit­rus, nuts, gar­lic, gin­ger, mush­rooms, chilies, basil, mint and ba­con.

• Pickle stalk pieces Ja­pane­ses­tyle by steep­ing in salt, sugar and rice vine­gar for about 48 hours.

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