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RIGHT ABOUT now, if you’re think­ing Team NZ, you’re pos­si­bly think­ing about crazy-fast hy­dro­foil­ing cata­ma­rans (or if we’ve lost, maybe not).

But there is another ex­am­ple of team­work in our story on the River­ton co-op on page 22. This might seem a quaint, old-fash­ioned way of do­ing busi­ness, but this is a com­mu­nity work­ing to­gether as a team to sup­ply it­self with mostly or­ganic food, work­ing hard to source as much of it as pos­si­ble from the lo­cal area. For things that can’t be grown in the deep­est part of South­land, they buy in bulk from grow­ers to keep it af­ford­able and high qual­ity. Cre­at­ing com­mu­nity can start much smaller than this. It might be neigh­bours shar­ing fruit or veg­eta­bles they’ve grown. It might be as or­gan­ised as a won­der­fully in­spir­ing An­gora goat farmer I know who started a monthly potluck din­ner with her neigh­bours. For one night, they share a meal, meet any new peo­ple, say good­bye to the old, and fos­ter a sense of team­work that means some­thing re­ally special.

Cor­rec­tion, Plants with a Pur­pose (June) Note re­gard­ing Farm­house Kitchen (June)

Mescalin: a nasty drug. Mesclun: a mix of salad plants. Please grow and eat mesclun – I apol­o­gise for thehe spell­ing er­ror in our last is­sue. When mak­ing soap, the ra­tio of oils to lye and wa­ter is al­ways worked out us­ing a special soap-mak­ing cal­cu­la­tor (there are lots s of free ones on the in­ter­net) as dif­fer­ent oils and com­bi­na­tions of oils will af­fect ffect how much wa­ter and lye is re­quired to make soap. The lye/wa­ter com­bi­na­tion na­tion­must­must be ex­act, and must be mea­sured in grams, not millil­itres. .

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