8 aw­ful things you can catch if your waste­water sys­tem is fail­ing

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A fail­ing waste­water sys­tem puts block own­ers at risk of con­tam­i­nates ground­wa­ter. It can in­clude some real nas­ties, like:

• campy­lobac­ter;

• E. coli;

• yersinia;

• shigella;

• viruses such as norovirus and hep­ati­tis A;

• pro­to­zoa such as cryp­tosporid­ium and gi­a­r­dia.

The out­break of gas­troen­teri­tis in Have­lock North in 2016 that made over 5000 of the town’s res­i­dents ill, put 45 in hos­pi­tal and was linked to three deaths, was due to campy­lobac­ter in the town’s drink­ing wa­ter bores.

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