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is good feed for lac­tat­ing live­stock, but watch for bloat. Bloat is caused by fast-grow­ing clover and grasses that are high in pro­tein and energy, but low in fi­bre and dry mat­ter. Bloat is more com­mon in milk­ing cows, es­pe­cially younger ones. Hun­gry cows will tend to gorge them­selves, so make sure they are given hay first, then re­leased onto lim­ited pas­ture. Use elec­tric tape to break-feed strips at a time.

If you sus­pect an an­i­mal is suf­fer­ing from the early signs of bloat, re­move her (and her pad­dock mates) from the pas­ture. You can use anti-bloat prod­ucts from your vet (you’ll need to have them on hand) or a dose of veg­etable oil (100ml), milk (1 litre) or cream (1 cup) might do the trick, as will walk­ing them around. You want to hear belch­ing! If an an­i­mal does not ap­pear to be re­spond­ing or is get­ting worse, you need a vet ur­gently.

If your pas­ture is prone to caus­ing bloat, you can use long-act­ing anti-bloat cap­sules. Talk to your vet.

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